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Irving Wallace was an American novelist, short-story writer, and a screenwriter. He excelled in writing popular fictions which were all based on current events. His work as a screenwriter started from 1950 to 1959. He worked for various studios during his lifetime. Some of his bestsellers were tr...

Books by Irving Wallace
Every week a tall, attractive, older woman named Evelyn Hoffmann make her regular visit to the..More Details
The second lady by: Irving Wallace (ISBN : 8184682735)
The Lady of the title is a virtual clone of the American President's wife - living unfortunately in..More Details
The Word by: Irving Wallace (ISBN : 0765351129)
In the Beginning, there was . . . The Word.The classic thriller of an ancient manuscript, a secret..More Details
The R Document by: Irving Wallace (ISBN : 0765354470)

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Before the Patriot Act, there was . . . The R DocumentAs crime and violence threaten to engulf..More Details
Second Lady by: Irving Wallace (ISBN : 0752999729)
A chilling spy-novel by Irving..More Details
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